The IoT and home automation were among the highlights

Tech buyers look back at CES 2015 with their top picks

A month on from the CES 2015 trade show in Vegas, some of the key executives and buyers in the UK tech industry tell PCR their top picks from CES 2015.

Sebastian James, CEO at Dixons Carphone, said:The core themes were ultra 4K TVs and I even saw an 8K TV that LG had made, a rather amazing machine. Maybe that’s the future. Also, of course the Internet of Things.”

Paul McGovern, product manager at, added: “Everyone was talking about the current proliferation and development of the Internet of Things this year, including the smart home and how connected devices can help improve people’s lives.

“Highlights that are more in line with our industry include Cooler Master’s kinetic cooler, AMD’s first FreeSync demo, Nvidia’s Tegra X1 system-on-a-chip, and the new Type-C USB connector, which we saw on an MSI motherboard as well as an impressively tiny Adata thumb drive.”

Home automation was a favourite pick from the show for Will Fletcher, technology buyer at Toys ‘R’ Us: “For me a great highlight was Musaic, an Innovation Award Honouree at CES for bringing together multiroom audio and combining with smart lighting and home automation.”

“CES 2015 showed the next step in the journey of the Internet of Things, and the breakthrough categories of wearables and connected home from CES 2014 have matured,” said Will Jones, tech buyer for John Lewis.

While Craig Hume, director at Utopia Computers, thought the USB type-C device would makes the most difference to his business.

“If I had to choose one product that I think will make the biggest difference to Utopia in the months to come, it would have to be USB type-C, never mind all the wonderful devices that can connect through one port, I love that I will never try and plug a USB device in the wrong way round again.

“I loved watching the Virtual Reality products progress and I look forward to trying out some of the newcomers to this space including Razer’s new OSVR Hacker,” added Hume.

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