There are only around 200 rare Commodore 65 computers still in existence

25-year-old computer sells for £15,000 on eBay

Retro is in – it seems – even when it comes to computing.

One old school computer has sold for $23,000 (around £15,000) in an auction on eBay.

The Commodore 65 is second only to the Apple 1 in desirability for collectors, with only 50 to 200 still in existence.

Brian Benchoff from Hackaday said that the prototype, developed way back in 1990, was ‘intended to be the last great 8-bit system’.

It was originally priced under $499, a far cry from its auction price today, and followed its popular older brother, the Commodore 64, but also delivered Amiga-level features around at the time.

The outside of the device has a 1565 external hardrive port, composite video DIN, future 3-4 switch, future port, left audio, right audio, CBM user port, CBM serial, and a C65 expansion port. It seems quite the mouthful compared to some of the devices available today.

Even though the company had high hopes for this computer, production was ended not long after launch, and Commodore was liquidated in the mid ’90s.

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