Tech confidence is important to women

Tech-savvy males will ‘get the girl’ this Valentine’s, according to research

Tech talk could be the way for men to win their date’s heart this Valentine’s, according to research.

Crucial has revealed that tech geeks will ‘get the girl’ with 29 per cent of twenty-something women believing IT skills make someone a good boyfriend.

In a league table of skills British women look for in their partner, DIY skills led the way with 84 per cent, while computer skills closely followed with 56 per cent. 

Roddy McLean, a computer upgrade expert from Crucial, said: “If men today want to really impress a potential partner, they need to up their game and become more tech-savvy.

“A simple memory upgrade can speed up a slow computer, while also making men appear tech-savvy to both a partner and in-laws.”

Accoridng to, 91 per cent of British women believe knowing about technology and having confidence using it is important.

Even British men believe being a ‘tech geek’ is beneficial, with one in six revealing that having tech knowledge makes them good son-in-law material.

64 per cent of men over the age of 55 also revealed they would appreciate their son-in-law’s knowledge of computers.

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