Parents call on their child to help with tech devices

Tech addicted parents guilty of telling off kids doing the same

Parents guilty of being addicted to their tech devices have admitted to telling off their kids for doing the same.

According to research carried out by BullGuard, 40 per cent of adults think they spend too much time on their tablet or smartphone, while 30 per cent waste too much time on social networking sites.

Even though adults admit to being glued to their device, many have had to call on their child for help.

50 per cent admit to having asked their child under 12 for help with IT issues, with 54 per cent admitting that their child is more tech-savvy than them.

Although parents see this interest as a good thing, with 76 per cent revealing that a child’s interest in gadgets and technology is a positive thing.

Nedko Ivanov, CEO of BullGuard, said: “There’s a balancing act for parents when it comes to gauging how to manage today’s typical activities, especially when we are sometimes guilty of over-indulging in the same sort of thing ourselves."

The research also showed that 71 per cent of parents trust their children to make good decisions.

Ivanov added: “What our study shows though is that while adults are keen to regulate their kids, they do acknowledge the importance of these new developments and how they can impact their children’s lives in the future.”

This news comes after Safer Internet Day, where company’s including Kaspersky reacted with reports discussing cyber-bullying.

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