Samsung has been paying out royalties for each device sold due to a collaboration agreement made in 2011

Samsung and Microsoft end $1 billion Android dispute

Microsoft and Samsung have ended a dispute over how Microsoft is awarded royalties for every Android device sold.

The battle began when the US tech company took Samsung to court over a contract on Android royalty payments.

Samsung has been forking out payments to Microsoft for every Android product sold, resulting in Microsoft earning $1 billion in patent-licensing royalties during 2013.

In an attempt to halt the outgoings to Microsoft, Samsung highlighted the US company’s Nokia deal to invalidate the contract.

How it went about this has not been unveiled, however both companies have confirmed that the dispute has finally come to a close.

The terms of agreement have been kept confidential, however a joint statement from both companies’ legal teams stated: “Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce that they have ended their contract dispute in US court as well as the ICC arbitration.”

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