Voltage will join HP’s enterprise-focused Atalla solutions security division

HP acquires Voltage to boost cloud offering

HP has announced the acquisition of US-based online security firm Voltage to boost its cloud platform efforts.

The move will put HP in good stead to push into the cloud-based security products market, reports Venture Beat.

Not many details of the deal were shared, however it was revealed that Voltage will be built into the tech company’s Atalla solutions division, which is an enterprise-focused data encryption and security suite.

The suite protects information across mobile and web devices as well as data centres.

HP has been picking up a number of security start-ups to fight back against the amount of cloud-based tech companies emerging and stealing its limelight over the last few years.

Gus Schmedlen, VP for worldwide education at HP, recently spoke to PCR, sharing how he thinks that schools are at the beginning of a virtual reality revolution. 

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