Tim Cook on how the Apple Watch can tap a sitting user on the wrist as a reminder to get up and move

Apple CEO dismisses smartwatch rivals: “None have changed the way people live”

Apple CEO Tim Cook has had an arrogant pop at his rivals in the smartwatch space ahead of the launch of Apple Watch.

"There are several things called smartwatches that are shipping, but I’m not sure you could name any," he said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference, reports CNET.

He also said he wasn’t sure the audience "could name very many" either, according to Droid-Life.com

"Certainly there are none that have changed the way people live their lives," he added.

Cook also talked up the health benefits of the upcoming Apple Watch, which is set to launch this spring and could arrive as early as March. 

He said, as covered by The Guardian: “If I sit for too long, it will actually tap me on the wrist to remind me to get up and move, because a lot of doctors think sitting is the new cancer.

“Ten minutes before the hour, it will remind you to move. We have a lot of people using the Apple Watch at Apple, and ten minutes before the hour, suddenly they all get up and move. It took a little to get used to, but it’s great.”

In other Apple news, the firm has announced it will buy around $850 million of power from a California solar farm to power its new Silicon Valley campus, other offices and 52 retail stores in the area.

Last month Apple posted record quarterly revenue and sales figures.

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