CIOs show positive attitude towards SMART tech

CIOs expect IT spend to increase in UK

UK CIOs are expecting to increase their IT budgets by 1.4 per cent in 2015, while others face a high level of uncertainty as 2015 gets underway.

According to analyst Gartner, there is an increasing amount of investment in IT across the enterprise in the UK, with 21 per cent of IT investment taking place outside of the official IT budget.

CIOs in the UK are also showing a positive attitude towards SMART technologies (sensors, maker machines like 3D print, augmented humans, robotics and thinking machines), with nine per cent showing an interest in robotics and 10 per cent in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dave Aron, VP and Gartner Fellow, said: “The only certainty for CIOs seems to be the unstoppable advancement of digitalisation.

“Digitalisation represents both a massive opportunity and new and heightened levels of threat for all countries and companies, and CIOs are facing new, more challenging and more exciting circumstances as digital moves to center stage."

CIOs in the UK will also spend less than 40 per cent of their time running the IT organisation, choosing to spend more time with business unit leaders and external customers.

Other CIOs in the US report an IT budget increase of 0.9 per cent for 2015, while China revealed an IT budget increase of 8.5 per cent.

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