Networking vendor's logo will be placed on all team shirts going forwards

TP-LINK ups esports presence, sponsors Team Dignitas

Networking vendor TP-LINK has announced a new partnership with professional PC gaming esports organisation Team Dignitas.

A TP-LINK spokesperson confirmed to PCR that the company had ‘taken the plunge’ and that the TP-LINK logo will be shown on team shirts going forward.

It’s not the first time TP-LINK has got involved with esports. Last year it sponsored the i51 esports tournament as well as other Multiplay Insomnia tournaments.

A statement over on the Team Dignitas website mentioned the company’s high speed routers, powerlines and wireless range extenders, as well as switches and adapters, plus it included a link to buy TP-LINK products from the Scan Computers website (another one of Team Dignitas’ sponsors).

TP-LINK joins other Team Dignitas sponsors including Alienware, Intel, WD and more.

Team Dignitas said in a statement: "Partnering with a networking brand is vital to our players. As most competitive gaming happens online, we understand more than anyone how important a stable and safe connection is for esports. Knowing we have a solid network connection means we can concentrate on competing at the highest level and TP-LINK’s AC routers and powerlines definitely allow us to do so."

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