The wearable will use apps for Windows and Android, and doesn’t need charging

Swatch smartwatch to take on Apple Watch

Swatch has announced that it will release its first smartwatch around the same time as the Apple Watch.

The new device will take on the likes of Samsung, Google and of course Apple in the smartwatch market, the main difference being that Swatch is actually a traditional watchmaker.

The company revealed that the wearable device will use apps that work with Windows and Android, reports The Next Web.

Nick Hayek, chief executive at Swatch, said: “Functions will include communication, mobile payments at stores such as Migros and Cop, and application that work with Windows and Android – without having to be charged.”

What could set this device aside from its counterparts is that last revelation. A connected device that doesn’t need to be charged is a dream come true for those who use their gadgets a lot.

Considering that the battery life of many of the other devices isn’t always as strong as it could be, with Apple saying its Apple Watch will have to be charged every day, this is a significant quality that could attract users even if Swatch isn’t a recognised tech company.

This news comes as Apple begins prepping its retail staff in the UK and US for the launch of the much anticipated iOS smartwatch.

The training doesn’t apparently share much new information about the device, however has reported that select employees will be given a more in-depth, hands on lesson over the coming weeks.

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