New SSDs feature 3D V-NAND technology

“SSD market still in growth phase” – Samsung

Samsung believes that the SSD market is still in a growth phase with no signs of slowing down.

Following a press conference where the company showcased a variety of new SSDs, Stefanie Sears-Black, Samsung’s head of business development and memory, told PCR some of the company’s plans.

“I think we’re very much still in a growth phase. It is still a relatively new market and there are an awful lot of products on the market that use hard drive technology,” she said.

The 850 EVO and PRO where shown off during the event, plus the new portable SSD T1, which Samsung believes has opened up an entire new category.

The SSDs feature a technology called Vertical 3D NAND, which provide consumers with more capacity, faster speeds and better power efficiency.

Speaking about the new portable T1 SSD, Sears-Black said: “It’s a brand new product for us, it’s really the start of a new category in our first to market portable solid state drive.”

Various retailers have also shown their interest in the devices, according to Sears-Black.

“There’s been a huge response from every retailer we’ve had meetings with. I think there’s a lot of excitement because it’s something brand new.

“It’s a new category, it’s a new range of products and its something to offer consumers."

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