Google has introduced the feature as an update to the admin console for schools and enterprise users

Lost or stolen Chrome devices can now be locked

Education and enterprise users of Google’s Chrome OS will now be able to lock any lost or stolen device.

The new feature has been introduced by Google as an update to the admin settings on each device.

All users have to do is inform their IT admin and departments about the misplaced or stolen Chrome device and they will lock it remotely from a web-based control panel.

Once this has been carried out, anyone who attempts to access the device will be faced with a lock screen displaying the address and phone number of the business or school that owns it, in the hope that they will return it to its rightful owner.

The admin’s control page will display each Chrome device registered with the school or business, making it a quick process to disable the lost gadget. Once done so, only the admin can re-enable the OS, combatting any risks of hacking.

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