More than 10 million units were shipped

Motorola sales up by 118% following Lenovo takeover

Motorola sales hit $1.9 billion last year with more than 10 million units shipped.

The firm saw sales grow 118 per cent year-on-year, boosting its new parent company’s (Lenovo) mobile division by 78 per cent in a year, placing it just behind Apple and Samsung in terms of growth.

The Motorola Mobility business (previously owned by Google) also increased its tablet sales by 48 per cent last year, which made it the only one in the top five (which includes Apple, Samsung, Amazon and ASUS) not to experience a drop.

Even its PC sales saw a little hike in sales, with 16 million units shifted, up five per cent from the year before.

Its 20 per cent market share means Lenovo is currently largest computer seller in the world.

Moving forwards, Google will maintain ownership of the vast majority of the Motorola Mobility patent portfolio, including current patent applications and invention disclosures. As part of its ongoing relationship with Google, Lenovo will receive a licence to this portfolio of patents and other intellectual property.

Lenovo will receive over 2,000 patent assets, as well as the Motorola Mobility brand and trademark portfolio.

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