Uber is teaming up with Carnegie Mellon University to develop autonomous vehicle tech

Google’s driverless taxis to compete with Uber

Google is competing alongside Uber in the taxi service stakes, according to reports.

It is is allegedly preparing its own ride-hailing service, which will incorporate its driverless cars.

However, Google Venture, the firm’s venture capital arm, also invested $258 million in Uber in August 2013.

Reports have revealed that Uber employees have seen screenshots of Google’s ride-sharing app.

Uber also announced this week that it is teaming up with Carnegie Mellon University to develop its own autonomous vehicle technology.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, sources closer to the matter have revealed that the driverless taxi solution has been blown out of proportion.

The source stated: “A Google engineer has been testing an internal app that helps Google employees carpool to work, and the app isn’t associated with the company’s driverless cars program.”

This news comes after Google announced it would stop producing Google Glass in its present form.

The company said it is still committed to launching the product.

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