The cable-free focus aims to free up workers making them more mobile and productive

Intel promises wireless future with launch of fifth Gen Core vPro platform

Intel has announced the launch of its fifth Generation Core vPro platform for business systems.

It is the first of a number of technologies from the company that promises to free the work place of tangled cables, freeing up workers and helping them become more mobile and productive.

It is based on the Broadwell fifth Generation Core chip that was unveiled at CES, but benefits from additional security and management capabilities of vPro built into the chipset especially for enterprise customers.

The wire-free future focuses of three main capabilities: wireless display, docking and charging. The display and docking are both implemented in the Core vPro generation, and wireless charging will be coming in the near future.

Tom Garrison, VP and GM of business client platforms, said: “Enterprises are asking how they can create an environment that gives them an advantage. They want to enable employees to be able to work where they need to, whether that is at different places in their own offices, or at a client’s site.”

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