Gates told Reddit robots will soon pick fruit

Bill Gates on Microsoft’s new Personal Agent, and why virtual reality needs more work

Microsoft has put a lot into its chips and software, according to Bill Gates, which is just the start of virtual reality.

This is what Bill Gates told Reddit during the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

During the Q and A, Gates also revealed that more years of software applications are needed to finalise virtual reality devices.

Gates told Reddit: “Making the device so you don’t get dizzy or nauseous is really hard – the speed of the alignment has to be super super fast.

“It will take a few years of software applications being built to realize the full promise of this.”

Microsoft and Gates are also working on a new Personal Agent, which aims to help users remember everything and picks things that are worth paying attention to.

Gates said: “The idea that you have to find applications and pick them and they each are trying to tell you what is new is just not the efficient model – the agent will help solve this.“

Gates also expects that robots will soon have the capacity to pick fruit.

“Mechanical robot tasks like picking fruit or moving a hospital patient will be solved. Once computers/robots get to a level of capability where seeing and moving is easy for them then they will be used very extensively,” added Gates.

After drinking water made from human faeces, Gates told Reddit that the system was already making progress.

“I challenged engineers to create a processor of sewage where the costs could be covered by the energy and water (clean water) that it outputs. We have made progress on that,” Gates explained.

Check out the rest of the Q and A at Reddit. 

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