“Try as he might, he simply could not silence her warblings”

Michael Gove told off by Prime Minister after Pebble Watch sets off Beyonce tune in Parliament

Michael Gove embarrassed himself in front of the Prime Minister after he accidently instructed his new Pebble smartwatch to play a Beyonce song.

Gove’s wife, Sarah Vine, revealed in a recent Daily Mail column that he got a ‘stern reprimand’ from David Cameron while the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, was discussing a fiscal policy to Her Majesty’s assembled Cabinet.

During Osborne’s talk, the Government’s chief whip glanced at his new wearable gadget with the intention of checking an email but ended up requesting Beyonce’s latest tune instead.

“Try as he might, he simply could not silence her warblings. The more buttons he pressed, the more effusive she got,” explained Vine.

Unlike Gove, it appears Cameron – who is known for liking really exciting bands such as… Coldplay – is obviously not much of a Bey Hive (that’s what Beyonce fans call themselves, but I’m sure you already knew that).

While Vine reports that the Pebble blasted out the tune, it turns out the smartwatch can’t directly play songs. It can, however, instruct your smartphone to play tracks, which may have been why poor ol’ Gove was getting so confused.

Mark Needham from Widget, the firm which distributes the Pebble smartwatch in Europe, commented: “There are moments when you know that your life’s work has not been in vain, and the thought that one of our products made David Cameron tell Michael Gove to shut it was one of them.”

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