Users have to smile to set off the BB bullets

Robot suit available for $1m on Amazon Japan – video

A one million dollar robot suit is now available from Amazon Japan, equipped with a BB Gatling gun.

The robotic mech suit has been dubbed Kuratas and can move at about five miles per hour.

Suidoubashi Juukou has been developing Kuratas for several years, which is 12.5 feet tall, weighing in at around five tons.

It runs on a next generation OS known as V-Sido, which allows the user to move Kuratas’ arms and torso.

Plus, users can control the robot via a 3G network, without having to board the suit.

Its BB Gatling gun can also shoot 6,000 rounds a minute, which are set to trigger when the pilot smiles. The feature has been called ‘The Smile Shot’.

Check out the video for Kuratas below. 

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