Danish player stalled opponent for more than three hours while checking Twitter and Twitch

Pro StarCraft II gamer disqualified for surfing the net during longest ever esports match

Computer games are supposed to be fun, right? Try telling that to professional StarCraft II gamer Steffen "Lillekanin" Hovmand, who dragged a laborious esports match out for more than three hours.

The Danish pro was playing a game against Finnish gamer Wenlei “ZhuGeLiang” Dai in the fifth qualifier for StarCraft’s World Championship Series (WCS), and began the match by using a stalling tactic by building Raven units, Auto-Turrets and Point Defense Drones to create a solid wall of defence.

This ‘raven turtle strategy’ slowed his opponent down. Dai spent three hours and 20 minutes chipping away at Hovmand’s defences, only for Hovmand to then float all of his buildings away to safety, reports Daily Dot.

During the match, Hovmand was clearly getting bored too. He was alt-tabbing out of the game to check his Twitch chat, Twitter account and other social media.

Hovmand broke the rules by doing this, as viewers were talking about Dai’s strategy and units live on Twitch mid-game – information that could have swayed the game in Hovmand’s favour.

A ruling has suspended Hovmand for the remainder of the first season of WCS 2015 for several violations; he’s also been placed on probation for the rest of the year.

Eventually, the stalemate ended with Hovmand attempting to attack Dai himself, but Dai went on to win the game.

Other players were also caught in controversy during the tournament. Fabian "GunGFuBanDa" Mayer and Jérémy "jeysen" Sène were banned for the remainder of season one due to potential match fixing. 

If you’re mad, you can watch the entire game here:

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