The Z13 was created to process 2.5 billion transaction a day

IBM produces ‘most powerful secure computer yet’

IBM has said that its Z13 mainframe, which enables real-time encryption of mobile transactions, is the most powerful and secure computer yet.

It has been created to process a huge 2.5 billion transactions daily and is targeted towards large-scale retailers who want to churn out excessive amounts of transactions, and analyse each one for fraud.

IBM has said that this machine could well be a vital tool to help businesses control the flood of transactions it experiences regularly, and considering 40 trillion mobile transactions are expected per day by 2025, those businesses will most likely accept help with open arms.

The company added that a key benefit of the machine is the ability to control a ‘starburst effect’, which is when a single transaction sparks multiple others, meaning they must be run in order for analysis on such things as data encryption, decryption, customer loyalty discounts and past purchases.

IBM’s system will make this process simpler, helping companies deal with security vulnerabilities securely and efficiently without letting any slip through the net.

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