Windows 7 has gone into extended support as Microsoft prepares to kill off the OS

Windows 7 begins end of life process

Windows 7 is to be exterminated by Microsoft as it enters its sixth year of existence.

The operating system went from mainstream support to extended support today (January 13th), meaning Microsoft will no longer offer free maintenance support.

Even those with paid licences will have to put their hand in their pockets if they are to want help with their computer.

Anyone still using this platform will no longer receive any updates, improvements or new features for Windows 7, leaving them little choice but to eventually upgrade to a newer version.

All versions of Windows 7 will expire in 2020; only the embedded version, which includes the automated installation kit will remain active.

Microsoft said on its Windows lifecycle page: “You can either install the latest available update or service pack, or you can upgrade to a newer version of Windows.”

The move comes just before the role-out of the much-anticipated Windows 10, which comes with a number of new features such as an expanded Start menu, desktop support for Windows Store apps and multiple desktops.

Windows 7 was one of the most popular operating systems from the Bill Gates household, and according to Microsoft, it ran on around 55 per cent of PCs globally, at last count.

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