"It's a pilot scheme and we won’t know what the uptake looks like until another three to six months"

Kaspersky UK may open up revenue share scheme to all partners

Kaspersky Lab will offer a broad revenue share scheme for its UK supplier and reseller partners – if a pilot scheme with PXS Distribution is a success.

PXS’ revenue renewal programme allows resellers to print POSA cards on demand for their customers, who can purchase them to download security software. When the customer renews their annual software licence, the reseller takes 25 per cent of the renewal purchase price.

Kaspersky does not currently offer a wide ESD (electronic software download) revenue share platform for all of its partners. 

"So what I envisage happening is if it works via PXS, we’ll probably take the whole thing in-house – a bit like a partner programme – and offer it out to all of our partners and everybody has the same terms," Kaspersky’s UK consumer and SMB sales director Lee Sharrocks told PCR.

"There’s no reason why we wouldn’t. But we need to get a proof of concept on it at the moment. Right now, if I went to some of our bigger partners, it would be too difficult for them to integrate it at this point in time as it’s not part of their core business.

"We’re not trying to suddenly spike our volumes with those resellers, we’re trying to build loyalty so that over a number of years they continually come back to Kaspersky as a provider rather than anybody else because they see a value in that relationship.

"So it is a pilot and my guess is we won’t know for three to six months what the uptake looks like."

PXS Distribution UK sales director Robert Hall added: "The scheme gives resellers the flexibility to offer their customers choice and still get the renewal revenue.

“We’re the only distie able to apply the licences in ESD format and with the renewal revenue in place. So it’s a very exciting position to be in.”

Kaspersky currently works with B2C distiesEntatech, Exertis, PXS and TechData, plus B2B disties Arrow, Wick Hill and Ingram Micro.

Read the full interview with Kaspersky in the upcoming February issue of PCR

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