NAOS quantified gaming mouse passes $100,000 Kickstarter target with hours to go

Mionix smart gaming mouse secures funding

A smart mouse from Mionix has just hit its $100,000 target on Kickstarter – with over $1,000 in spare change.

With just hours to go, the NAOS QG, which Mionix claims is the first of its kind, has achieved the desired amount of funding needed to put the device into development.

The fundraising campaign was launched just over a month ago for the mouse, which aims to learn how the body reacts whilst gaming by tracking heart rate, galvanic skin response and actions per minute, and was devised by the firms developers, Mionix Labs concept.

In a chat with PCR, Carl Silbersky of Mionix expressed his desire to change the way people game on PC, and help them improve on their gaming skills with quality accessories.

In a statement on its Kickstarter page, Mionix commented: “We have been nervous but always confident! Raising $100,000 in December is hard, they say. Only eight per cent succeed and December is a brutal month. We have learned a ton of things.

“Huge high five for backing the project. With 24 hours left, there us still time to tell friends. Lets push the campaigning and grow the community.”

PCR has reached out to Mionix to see when it plans on rolling out the mouse for mass-production.

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