Web browser for Windows 10 will come with new features including page annotation

Microsoft’s web browser to have Cortana built-in

Microsoft’s new web browser for Windows 10 will boast a number of new features unique to the platform.

News about the browser (codenamed Spartan) leaked last week stating that it was not going to be Internet Explorer.

Spartan will come with a bunch of new features that allegedly aren’t found on other browsers, reports Mashable. One of those features being Cortana, which allows users to access what it is tracking such as flight information, travel dates and weather reports.

A web page annotation tool is also built-in powered by Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud platform making collaboration with other tools and apps much easier and enabling users to annotate with notes and diagrams.

Along with this, the browser has an improved way of grouping tabs and will run seamlessly across desktop, tablet and phone, similar to how Google Chrome operates.

It is expected that Microsoft will launch the Spartan web browser in the form of a Windows Store app, meaning updates can be downloaded and installed without slowing the main Windows update tool.

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