Clampdown comes after fan complaint over their use within White Hart Lane stadium

Arsenal and Tottenham place ban on selfie sticks

Rival football clubs Arsenal and Tottenham have banned selfie sticks – which allow users to take pictures or record video footage at higher angles – from their stadia.

The ‘dangerous’ metal poles will be confiscated if fans try and take them into the Emirates or White Hart Lane stadia.

We’ve all seen people waving those long metal sticks about with phones and cameras strapped to the end in an attempt to get the perfect selfie, with some people swinging them here and there like a sword-wielding knight of Camelot.

So it is not surprising that this gadget faux pas has been banned by Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur football clubs, who have both dubbed it a “dangerous” offensive weapon.

Anyone attempting to bring one into either stadium will have their beloved selfie stick confiscated.

The ban comes following a Tottenham fan’s complaint about the use of the devices in the stadium.

The North London club was the first to introduce the ban, and Arsenal FC followed shortly after with a club spokesman saying: “The club’s ground regulations prohibit any object that could be used as a weapon or could compromise public safety.”

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