The majority of 613 cloud apps used by organisations are not enterprise-ready

15% of business cloud accounts have been hacked

Fresh data has highlighted the vulnerability of cloud storage apps used by organisations.

Worryingly, 15 per cent of business users have had their sensitive data compromised due to users not following correct security procedures when setting up a business account, according to the report from Netskope.

Up to half re-use passwords for multiple accounts, and with many users logging into business-critical apps with these credentials, the data stored on these platforms is at considerable risk.

Enterprises are adopting such cloud apps at an alarming rate, however they are not all properly protecting themselves. There was an average of 613 cloud apps per organisation in Q4 of last year, however 88 per cent of these were not enterprise-ready.

Sanjay Beri, CEO and founder of Netskope, said: “2014 left an indelible mark on security – between ongoing high-profile breaches and the onslaught of vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed, CSOs and CISOs had more on their plate than ever.

“These events underscore the sobering reality that many in the workforce have been impacted by data breaches and will subsequently use compromised accounts in their work lives, putting sensitive data at risk.”

Check out the infographic below displaying an overview of the report.

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