One virtual reality headset promises to turn the wearer into Iron Man

The ‘Oculus killer’ and rival VR devices emerge at CES

Oculus Rift have dominated the headlines in virtual reality market – until now. A number of new headsets have emerged at CES.

Virtual Reality is looking to be the next big thing with the release of Samsung’s headset for the Galaxy Note 4, Razer’s open-source VR device and Microsoft’s virtual reality plans for the Xbox One.

Even more VR devices were unveiled in Vegas this week-one claiming to be the ‘Oculus Killer’.

The 3DHead is an Android tablet that users stick on their head in the form of a huge helmet-like creation, not too dissimilar to the head gear worn in the movie Tron.

The guys behind the device are aiming to eventually enable players to stream games from their PC to the headset using Wi-Fi as well as playing Android games from Google Play.

It also promises to convert everything into 3D. Dubious.

The 3DHead is available now for $600, with the separate controller needed to use this piece of gaming armour also priced at $600.

The other VR competitor is the Seer from hardware startup Caputer Labs.

To use this gadget, users must slip their smartphone into the device, with the display being projected onto the visor. The user’s surrounding will be completely HUD mapped, turning them into a sort of Iron Man (just without the flying, weaponry and Tony Stark’s fortune).

The Seer is only in prototype stage, with the developers targeting the engineering and medicine industries, as opposed to gaming.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of these will match the hype of Oculus, or if virtual reality is just a fad that’ll fade into virtual fantasy.

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