Apple has won a patent for malleable mobile devices

Future iPhones could be squeezable and foldable according to new Apple patent

Apple has been granted a US patent for devices made almost exclusively from flexible components.

The devices will allow for force-based gesture input, meaning users may be able to squeeze the device to perform a command.

Unlike a number of other flexible devices and patents, Apple is planning to incorporate not only malleable external parts, but pliable internal components, meaning batteries, circuit boards, and other electrical components will not be negatively impacted when the device is flexed, bent and folded.

As well as being able to squeeze and manipulate the device, the patent suggests that Apple is planning to include bi-stable mechanics, meaning that certain points of the device would have stable positions that can be activated when required.

Last year Apple unveiled its latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Shortly after the 5.5-inch 6 Plus made its way into consumer’s hands, some complained about them ending up bent out of shape after being placed in their pockets.

Maybe Apple will be able to avoid this problem with its next gen iPhone by having one that’s actually supposed to bend.

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