AMD’s technology partners include BenQ and LG

AMD reveals full line up of FreeSync monitors and G-Series SoC

AMD has announced its full line up of FreeSync monitors at CES, for the first time.

Various technology partners, including BenQ, LG, Nixeus, Samsung and Viewsonic showcased their upcoming FreeSync displays.

The monitors reduce input latency while gaming and visual defects during video playback.

The new displays range in sizes from 24-inches to 34-inches and support refresh rates of 30 to 144Hz.

Roy Taylor, corporate VP of ISV/IHV partner group at AMD, said: “Gamers who use FreeSync technology with AMD Radeon R-Series graphics and AMD latest generation of APUs can rest assured that they’re enjoying the best possible experience."

Displays are expected to be available this month with additional models set to launch in early 2015.

The company also announced its Embedded G-Series system-on-chip (SoC) will be powering the new VS-863+ and the TVS-x63 platform from QNAP.

It offers QNAP a platform with a quad-core 2.4GHz processor, and up to 16GB RAM support.

Scott Aylor, corporate VP and general manager at AMD Embedded Solutions, added: “NAS is a great application for the AMD G-Series SoC, taking advantage of the strong compute, low-energy consumption, and integrated GPU for display and acceleration."

This news comes after AMD revealed that its FreeSync gaming monitors will be $100 cheaper than Nvidia’s G-Sync models last year.

AMD also revealed details last year of its FreeSync PC monitors from Samsung.

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