Some of the more unique tech being shown off this week at the trade show

Self-adjusting belts, robot projectors – 5 quirky pieces of tech from CES 2015

CES 2015 may bring with it a whole host of snazzy laptops, smartphones, monitors and more, but what about the quirkier tech devices that may be overlooked?

There’s a plethora of innovative and fresh products from smart belts to robot projectors – here’s our pick of quirky tech at this week’s trade show in Las Vegas.

Remember those futuristic clothes in Back to the Future that tighten by themselves according to the wearer’s size? Well, first up is The Belty from Emiota – a self-adjusting belt that loosens its belt strap when you sit down and tightens it when you stand up. 

Then there’s The Alert Band from Impecca, which is a wearable early warning Bluetooth fatigue detector band that attaches to a driver’s forehead to sense fatigue and help prevent accidents. 

The Alert Band monitors and analyses brainwaves, sending real-time notifications and alarms to the driver’s smartphone, family and friends, as well as social networks, three to five minutes before the driver begins to doze off and fall asleep. 

Next up there’s the R2D2-like robot which has a built-in projector: Keecker(pictured). It can be controlled by a user’s smartphone to move around and project digital wallpaper, films and even video games onto walls. The device has raised more than $250,000 on Kickstarter.

Another interesting device is the Mybiody Balance. Described as ‘ankle tech’, the device from French firm BBRC Aminogram attaches to a person’s ankle. After a quick check, it can send that person’s vital statistics and other fitness information to a mobile device or computer.

Finally, Giroptic has developed a 360-degree camera that can record in 3D. The portable 360cam delivers real-time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos.

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