Your kids could own an Android-enabled electric sports car

The Android-enabled electric sports car for kids

A child-sized electric sports car that is fully equipped with an Android OS has been unveiled Henes.

The Broon F8 series boasts independent suspension, differential steering and adjustable driving modes. If that isn’t enough then the snazzy-motor is also fully equipped with a seven-inch Android tablet that acts as a dashboard and an infotainment system. 

In true luxurious style, kids don’t even have to drive it themselves, as parents can control it using a Bluetooth remote control.

This Power Wheels on crack gadget will set folks back between $895 – $1000 which isn’t too bad if you consider just how awesome it is, and how much its IRL alternative would be.

However it is only meant for kids aged five and under, meaning you will have to be a very small individual to get inside and will undoubtedly grow out of it quite rapidly. Plus it is currently only in the prototype stage, so will be a while before anyone sees your kids rolling around like a boss.

A UK or US release date is yet to be announced.

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