Ten of the most impressive looking PC gaming sets ups from around the internet

Ten of the best PC gaming setups from around the web

Here are ten of the top PC gaming set ups we have seen around the web to help you choose what you want to buy in the sales.

So Christmas is over, and if you didn’t get that epic PC setup you asked for then never fear because the sales are just around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time to add to, complete or begin building the ultimate gaming hub.

Understandably, a serious kit takes a fair bit of time and most likely a fair bit of money to build and there is so many gadgets, headsets, sound systems, towers, laptops, monitors and that’s just the external equipment.

Under the hood is whole other world from Nvidia’s range of GeForce GTX 900 graphics cards to sound cards from Asus – who recently teamed up with Spire to distribute its gaming peripherals – it can all seem a bit over whelming if you’re not sure what to look for.

So PCR searched far and wide for the best-looking PC gaming setups to inspire your potential New Years spending spree.

In no particular order – ten of the most impressive looking PC gaming setups found on the internet in pictures.

This list is based purely on how the setup looks as opposed to any of the equipment used.

As a bonus, here is a PC gaming setup from a German gamer that literally blew us away.

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