Game Boys and Furbies were some of the most popular tech products from the 90s

Top 5 tech hits of the 90s

This Christmas, the iPhone 6 and the Tesco Hudl may be some of the most popular products under the tree, but during the 90s this was very different.

PlayStations, floppy disks and Walkmans were some of the most popular products during the decade, and here are the top five tech treats PCR picked out from the 90s.

Game Boy Colour

The Game Boy was probably one of the most popular gaming gadgets of the 90s thanks to its portability. With games such as Mario Bros and Tetris, it’s no wonder so many of us enjoyed playing on the mini console.


The handheld digital pet was another favourite during the 90s, as users could look after their pet and take it through several stages of its life. The egg-shaped device came in a variety of colours and featured three buttons, which controlled the little computerised pet.

iMac Colour

The iMac G3 was one of the first consumer products from Apple and featured the company’s iconic translucent design. The iMac even replaced floppy disk drives in favour of a USB connector, and many schools even endorsed the computer, making it one of the top hits from the 90s.

Logitech MouseMan Cordless

Logitech’s very first wireless mouse made an appearance in the 90s, causing a frenzy in the tech industry. The ability to still use a mouse without any wires was fascinating news, and the fact that is was the first mouse to use radio frequency technology made it that much better. 

The Furby

These cuddly little creatures took the world by storm during the 90s. They had their own language and came in different colours, not to mention their signature large eyes and ears, making them stand out from the range of other toys on the market. They were so popular, Toys R’ Us even had to limit two Furbies per person.

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