Members of the editorial team pick their favourite devices of the year

PCR’s top 8 tech and computing products of 2014

Team PCR takes a look back at 2014 and picks eight of our favourite new tech and computing products released this year.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card (Dominic Sacco)

For the money (around £270) the GTX 970 offers a phenomenal amount of power and efficiency for your PC’s graphical and gaming prowess. After putting this in my machine I could run near enough anything on max settings, making games like Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity look absolutely beautiful. 

It might not be as powerful as the 980, but it more than packs a punch – and costs over £100 less to boot. A storming card from Nivida.

Lenovo Flex 2(Dominic Sacco)

Laptops are on the up and there was perhaps no other portable computer as sleek as the Lenovo Flex 2 which arrived earlier this year. 

It’s easy to flip it into tablet mode, and with up to 1TB of storage, that’s more than enough for working – or playing – on the go.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3(Jade Burke)

‘The tablet that can replace your laptop’ was one of my favourite tech products from 2014, simply because it really can do everything. The fact you can detach the screen from the keyboard to transform it into a tablet, and use the stylus on its touchscreen really gives it an edge within the tablet market. 

Sony Xperia Z1 (Jade Burke)

I am already a fan of the Xperia smartphones after having two previously, so I thought the waterproof variant was a great addition to the range. The 20.7-megapixel camera was especially striking, and the large 4.3-inch screen made it even better. 

Samsung Power Sharing Cable(Laura Barnes)

A few months before this device was announced, I was sitting in a restaurant boring my other half with an idea I had for a cable that lets you transfer your battery power from one phone to another.

Little did I know that Samsung had already beaten me to it with its Power Sharing Cable. Those with a Samsung smartphone can download an app and select how much power they would like to transfer to any micro USB device. 

If Apple doesn’t jump on this idea and release one of their own in 2015, I’ll eat my own hand. 

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch(Laura Barnes)

2014 was the year of the Android smartwatch. While the Moto 360 features many of the same specs as others on the market, in my opinion, it is by far the best looking one out there right now.

It has quite a large screen, which I think is important when you consider that you’ll want to touch and swipe at the clock face. And despite its size, it’s still lightweight at just 49g. By comparison the Samsung Gear S, one of its biggest rivals, weighs 67g. 

What I really like about the Moto 360 is that no one really expected it to be great. It was all about Samsung versus Apple, with the Pebble Steel making a bit of noise as well. It’s great to see a smartwatch come out, in what is already a bit of a crowded market, with something that looks classier than the rest put together.

iPhone 6(Phil Tottman)

Another cornerstone in the evolution of the smartphone from Apple. The iPhone 6 boasts the biggest screen yet (apart from the iPhone 6 Plus) at 4.7 inches, the thinnest iPhone yet at 6.9mm, the highest resolution screen, and the introduction of iOS8 which was the biggest overhaul of iOS since the first iPhone, containing the all new Apple Pay, Apple Health plus a host of new features. Now all we’ve got to look forward is the release of the iPhone 7. 

OnLive(Phil Tottman)

This subscription-based cloud gaming platform is great – not just for avid gamers, but for those who aren’t as savvy to the computer games world. The device streams some of the latest games and works cross-platform, pairing each device with the wireless controller. 

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