Nick describes his day at work and what he loves about his job

A day in the life of: Nick Beer, Product Manager, Dynamode Group

Dynamode’s Nick Beer, describes how he has to split his time at home and in the Dynamode HQ

As is becoming the norm these days, especially in the technology sector, I split my working week. I work from my purpose-built home office in rural Cambridgeshire, the European headquarters of Dynamode in Watford, and visit our clients up and down the country.

My wife and I come from a farming background, so the day starts early at around 6am. We have a fair amount of livestock, including horses and chickens, which all need tending to before the ‘real’ day kicks off.

Dynamode is a long established company, but unlike others we are not top-heavy, meaning a lot of us within the company have to multi-task – me included.

This might include testing and evaluating forthcoming Dynamode products, putting together product spec sheets together with keeping the Dynamode support website up to date with the latest drivers.

I like my job because it’s varied. Being a global company with manufacturing offices in the Far East and global sales offices means I get to deal with people with different customs or ways of doing things, as well as the pain of different time zones.

I often have to Skype employees in China, which means getting up extra early so work can be completed before they go home. Seeing clients and distributors in the UK is also a key part of my job and the miles soon rack up.

From my home in Cambridgeshire there are not too many clients, normally they are located in the North of England or West of London, but that’s IT for you.

Like most reps on the road, I plan ahead for any visits, which usually means a night or two away so I can make the most of the diesel in the car. One thing I can say for sure is when working for the company, not any two days are the same, it’s always varied and to be honest, that’s the way I like it.

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