Samsung’s CEO BK Yoon will talk about the Internet of Things at the trade show

Samsung releases top 5 trends for 2015 ahead of CES keynote

Samsung has revealed its five trends for 2015, including new technology and consumer behavior.

1.Wearable technology will create a new era of power dressing for business leaders.

The company predicts that wearable’s will be the norm in offices across the world in 2015, as 47 per cent of wearable technology users felt more intelligent wearing such tech.

2. People will restructure their working lives around personal ‘Power Hours’ as technology reveals peak performance times.

A combination of apps and wearable tech will enable people to understand when they work most productively and when they may need to recharge.

Samsung believes this will take off even more during 2015, as the technology is likely to transform work schedules.

3.Virtual reality technology and the innovative use of displays will lead to a new generation of digital shops, allowing retailers to overcome space constraints and high rent.

As more High Street shops close every day, Samsung predicts that virtual reality will cross over into retail, giving customers the chance to take virtual tours of larger items they may want to buy.

4. Automated home systems will move from ‘geek’ to ‘chic’ driven by a dramatically improved user experience.

More people will choose to automate their home, including entertainment and heating and air conditioning.

5.Every child born in the next 12 months will learn coding as a core subject alongside numeracy and literacy

Samsung believes that coding will really take off during the New Year, as coding will become the norm with businesses, educators and governments.

Ran Merkazy from Samsung’s European product innovation centre, said: “Technology is the linchpin behind our society, impacting our work, our social lives, our health and our down time."

In other news, Samusung’s CEO BK Yoon, will deliver a keynote speech during the CES trade show in January 2015.

The speech will look at the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the company will contribute to the trend.

Yoon said: “The Internet of Things is such an important and exciting topic in our industry right now.

“I am thrilled to join the conversation at CES this year to discuss how IoT will unlock infinite possibilities, bringing new value to our lives and transforming the way we live."

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