Google workers get smartwatches for Christmas; Apple employees get backpacks

Some Google employees whine about ‘cheap’ $200 LG smartwatch Christmas gift

Google has given its employees a free LG smartwatch as this year’s holiday gift, but it appears some are not very grateful.

Previous years have seen the tech firm hand out Nexus smartphones, tablets, and Google Chromecasts. This year it gave away LG smartwatches.

Employees got the LG G, a rectangular-faced device, or the LG G-R, a smartwatch with a traditional circle face.

The device is powered by Android Wear, comes with 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz processor.

While it seems most of Google’s 55,000-plus employees were grateful to receive the gift, Business Insider reports that some are upset with the device, calling the $200 smartwatch ‘cheap’.

Those moaning should think themselves lucky. Apple employees have been given a backpack this year, and at least one employee had already put theirs up on eBay with a starting bid of $49.99.

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