It took all of two minutes for games journalists to draw penises on the screen

The Total War: Arena loading screen lets you doodle on it – you can guess what happens next…

Put a bunch of tech journalists in a room, give them a PC game that lets you doodle on the loading screen over the internet, and you’re asking for trouble.

Sega did just that at its media briefing for free-to-play Total War: Arena (check out our interview here). And trouble, it got.

During the loading screen map before the start of each game, you can hit F2 and click to doodle on the map, allowing your team of ten players to view it almost instantly.

The idea is to draw arrows and leave other instructions to let your team mates know which strategy you’re taking. But of course, that’s not how all gamers think. It took all of two minutes for a few penis doodles to appear on-screen and other lewd/innuendo-filled instructions, such as ‘let’s take them from the rear’.

The press officers on hand swiftly asked those in attendance "not to draw anything obscene", but by then the virtual doodling damage and destruction had been well and truly done.

Whether the doodling option makes it into the full game or not remains to be seen – Total War: Arena is due to enter a closed beta in 2015.

Read our interview with Creative Assembly on Total War: Arena, its esports ambitions and partnerships with PC gaming vendors here

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