It's one of only 50 Apple-1 computers still in existence

Apple-1 computer sold out of Steve Jobs’ garage sells for $365,000

One of only 50 Apple-1 computers still in existence has sold for $365,000 at an auction.

The device was one of the first computers sold by the Apple company back in 1976, which was at the time operating out of Steve Job’s parents’ garage in Los Altos.

Jobs was better known for leading the company to success rather than building its products, however a cheque sold with the machine was labelled “Software NA Programmed by Steve Jobs August 1976”.

This indicated that it was one of the few times that Jobs got stuck into actually putting together a hallowed Apple gadget.

The majority of the time Apple-1 systems were handcrafted by Steve Wozniak and sold as pre-assembled motherboards, but without a case, power supply keyboard or even a monitor.

This computer was sold fully operational, tested – ironically – using Microsoft Basic along with an original Apple–1 Star Trek Game in a London-based auction house.

The $350,000 computer is a massive price increase on the $666.66 it originally sold for.

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