BlackBerry’s OS has taken favour over Windows

Ford ditches Windows for its in-car entertainment system

Ford has announced its brand new in-car entertainment system will use BlackBerry’s QNX OS.

The car manufacturer chose BlackBerry’s real-time operating system over Windows, which powers the current in-car device.

Drivers will be able to use the Ford Sync 3 via a touch screen or voice recognition, allowing them to control both the vehicle and app through their phone by talking to it.

This partnership will be a welcome Christmas gift for BlackBerry, which found itself struggling to compete in the smartphone market.

With Ford, BlackBerry will see millions of the QNX machines shipped every year, securing a tidy paycheck.

In-car tech is looking to be one of the next big changes in the consumer tech market over the next few years, slowly becoming standard in new cars.

No doubt, with the boom in wearable tech as well, we will eventually be completely connected to our automobiles through out smartphones, as well as our smartwatches, HMDs and other wearable devices.

See here for eight wearable tech predictions in the coming year.

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