Driverless cars and ‘smart’ motorways could be at risk, says transport minister

Security roundup: Hacked driverless cars could cause chaos in London

This week we look at how hackers could launch a cyber attack on London’s roads, the pitfalls of failing to update your PC, and more.

Transport minister Claire Perry has warned that hackers could launch cyber attacks on driverless cars and ‘smart’ motorways to cause chaos on London roads.

“The more we move to technologically assisted forms of transport, whether it’s smart motorways or driver assisted vehicles, there is also a risk of cyber hacking – so we are mindful of that,” she told the Commons transport committee.

In response to this news KPMG’s director of cyber security practise, Wil Rockall, said: “There is always the risk of attack and the more we depend on technology to make our lives simpler, safer and more efficient the impact of an attack being successful goes up.

“We should not get carried away with the risks they pose, although 2013 was a record low for road deaths in the UK there are some worrying signs that the stats are being reversed and using the road remains one of the most dangerous activities one can legally participate in. Autonomous vehicles have a great prospect of reducing the number and severity of road accidents in the future.”

Meanwhile, Imprima has put together an infographic offering a guide to the pitfalls of failing to update computers and mobile devices, which you can check out at the bottom of this story.

In other news
– Kaspersky has noted that over half of Europeans plan to buy their gifts online this Christmas, yet many are struggling to cope with the complex password rules posed by online retailers.
– Open-Xchange has found that German and UK internet users are more likely to cancel online accounts due to privacy concerns.
– Kroll OnTrack reported that data security, business continuity and mobile devices were among the biggest trends impacting the data recovery industry in 2014.

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