Budget cuts follow recent government investigations into the company’s business practices.

Qualcomm will lay off 600 employees

Computer chip manufacturer, Qualcomm will be down sizing its employee base amongst plans to refocus the business.

Around 600 staff members worldwide are to be laid off in the coming year, following a number of government investigations into the company’s business practices.

One investigation in particular, which started in November 2013 in China, was looking into whether the computer-chip maker violated the county’s anti-monopoly laws.

A spokesperson has revealed that around 300 individuals will be cut from the California base, and around the same number of international employees.

It was also said that the layoffs were not related to investigations, which were being conducted in China, US and the EU, but were due to a focus on specific projects and programs, and reflected current business priorities.

The spokesperson told CNET: “We regularly evaluate our business to determine where efficiencies can be obtained and priorities addressed.

“On occasion, that requires we adjust the size or skill mix of our work teams in order to shrink or eliminate some projects and start to grow new projects.”

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