Science student was given a rude awakening as her Galaxy Ace 2 ‘popped,' burning her mattress.

Samsung Galaxy explodes setting girls room on fire

A student in Canada has claimed that her Galaxy Ace 2’s battery exploded and caught fire.

Hope Casserly said that she was woken up by a loud popping noise, and a bright flash.

The device blew into two pieces, jumped up hitting the wall and landed on her mattress.

Two small fires were caused in the room by the self-destructing phone, both of which were extinguished by Casserly using her pillow.

CBC reported that Samsung had reviewed the device, and found that it contained an unauthorised battery, but the student insists that she never replaced the original battery.

It does state in Samsung user guides that battery malfunctions are possible, saying that covering the device and blocking airflow could impact the performance of that device, and poses a risk of fire or explosion.

Samsung replaced the device, however the student has said that she certainly won’t be using it.

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