You can now order your dinner from Amazon Local

Amazon serves up local takeaway and delivery service

Amazon has launched a food service to rival the likes of Seamless, Grubhub and Just Eat.

The mention of the online retailer rolling out a food takeaway and delivery service came about earlier in the year, but news died down and it was forgotten about.

However last weekend, the option to order from restaurants was silently introduced onto the Amazon Local app and website.

Everything ordered via this platform can be charged directly to the users Amazon account, meaning you can now order a cheeky curry alongside that album you’ve been wanting.

The ability to order from local restaurants enforces Amazon’s support of smaller, local businesses, expanding its online empire, to the outside world.

Other platforms such as Yelp, and Thumbtack ought to watch their backs as Amazon is sneaking up and getting its fingers in many pies.

Beyond working with just restaurants, local grocers will also reap the benefits with Amazon Fresh’s spotlight service, that selects items from a number of businesses for delivery in a single order.

The service is only to be available in the US currently; PCR has reached out to Amazon for a UK launch date.

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