Wi-Fi will be most popular choice for organisations by 2020

50% will use mobile devices to go online by 2018

By 2018, more than 50 per cent of users will use tablets or smartphones to carry out online tasks.

Mobile devices are becoming the first go-to device for content consumption, while tablets are growing at the fastest rate of any computing device, according to analyst Gartner.

Van Baker, research VP at Gartner, said: “This behaviour will adapt to incorporate wearables as they become widely available for users.

“As voice, gesture and other modalities grow in popularity with consumers, and as content consumption tasks outweigh content creation tasks, this will further move users away from the PC.”

40 per cent of organisations are also expected to specify Wi-Fi as the default connection for non-mobile devices, by 2018.

Ken Dulaney, VP at Gartner, added: “As smartphones, laptops, tablets and other consumer devices have multiplied, the consumer space has largely converted to a wireless-first world.”

The research also showed that 75 per cent of smartphone buyers will pay less than $100 dollars for a device by 2020, as buyers look for more basic smartphones.

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