The TV presenter answers our quick-fire tech questions

In the hot seat: Spencer Kelly

TV presenter Spencer Kelly speaks to PCR at Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance Forum about giant walking robots and his love of drones.

What’s your favourite gadget?
Drones. I’ve got a drone quad-copter with a brilliant camera on it. It’s amazing, they’re going to change the world. For content makers the type of images that you can capture is going to be amazing, spying on your neighbour has never been easier.

What’s your earliest tech or gadget related memory?
The Commodore Pet. I first saw it at some kind of school holiday club. It would have been 1977 or 1978. It blew my mind to pieces.

Windows, iOS or Android?
Well I’m a desktop and Windows boy simply because I’ve always grown up with Windows, I use a Mac as well now, but it’s still a little bit counterintuitive.

Current smartphone?
Samsung Galaxy S5. Bizarrely I’ve got an S5 and a 5S.

First computer?
The first one I used was a Commodore Pet and then our school got a BBC micro, and my one was an Acorn Electron.

What’s the most memorable tech you’ve covered?
The robot restaurant in Japan. It sounds like a restaurant where you’ll be served by robots, it’s actually full of dancing girls in bikinis, and giant walking robots that they drive, and the food is terrible.

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