Apple has allegedly deleted songs from iPods

Could Apple’s new tech stop iPhone screens from smashing?

Apple has filed a patent that can protect an iPhone’s screen from smashing when dropped.

The tech can estimate where a device will drop, as well as actively shift the unit’s center of gravity so that parts such as the screen and camera are not damaged.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially awarded Apple with the new patent, which relies on sensors to monitor physical device activity and positioning.

Sensors and processors also work together to measure speed of descent, time to impact and orientation.

In other news, Apple allegedly deleted competitors’ songs from its customers’ iPods between 2007 and 2009, reports the Wall Street Journal

According to a court hearing in Oakland, California, users who downloaded tracks from other services and tried to sync them to their iPod using iTunes would receive an error message.

However, Augustin Farrugia, security director at Apple, said in the firm’s defence: "We don’t need to give users too much information, we don’t want to confuse users."

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