Riot Games launches own online merchandise store, still figuring out retail approach

Retailers will not be able to stock new League of Legends merch (for now)

New official merchandise based on the hugely popular PC game League of Legends (LoL) will not be available for retailers to stock, developer Riot Games has said.

It will instead be opening its own online merchandise store in a matter of days, the company announced on the LoL forums in a Q&A session. 

However, it could be possible the company will establish retail partnerships in the future.

When asked if Riot will be distributing products to retailers, Riot’s VP of esports Dustin Beck replied: "For now we are selling exclusively online through our store. TBD on what the retail approach may become."

Retailers can already stock pre-paid game cards for League of Legends, available in £9 and £18 variants, and while there is a host of unofficial LoL shirts and accessories online, Riot has not offered its own official League store until now.

Riot is currently looking to fill seven positions to run its merch store from the US, including a merchandise support manager and e-commerce web manager.

The upcoming LoL online store will ship globally, and Riot will have three distribution centres covering the US, Europe and Asia.

Products will include T-shirts, hoodies, posters, plush figures (including the Jinx figure, pictured) and other accessories. 

Riot added in a statement: "We love League and realize that creating a store full of high-quality items that resonate with League of Legends helps all of us deepen our connection with the game and its universe.

"The store will hopefully provide players with another outlet to engage with League but with physical products."

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