Watch can display the time receive calls

LG unveils kids GPS watch GizmoPal

LG has expanded its range of wearable tech with the GizmoPal, a GPS tracking watch/phone for kids.

It has been designed to make communication between children and parents easier. For example, parents can install a GizmoPal app on their Android or iOS device to locate their child.

The watch was originally launched in South Korea, named the KizOm, but it is now being rolled out in the US under its new name.

Children can make calls to a pre-programmed number by pressing a button, before speaking into the device’s microphone and listening using its speaker.

To receive phone calls, children can use the single-button-calling feature.

The GizmoPal can also display the time and play sound clips. It’s available in blue or pink colour designs.

It is on sale in the US for $80 (£51) with a Verizon contract.

This news comes after reports alleged that LG is working on a new tablet-hybrid, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

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