Buyer Ben Miles will share his views on G-Sync and FreeSync monitors in our January issue

Chillblast joins PCR Retail Advisory Board

Ben Miles, buyer for online gaming PC system builder Chillblast, has joined the PCR Retail Advisory Board.

He has contributed to several articles over the past year on PCR, including the news we broke about Nvidia 970/980 stock shortages, and as an experienced buyer has a vast knowledge of the PC gaming/system builder sector.

As part of the PCR Retail Advisory Board, Miles will share his views on industry trends and topics each month, along with other panellists such as Scan’s James Gorbold,’s Jonpaul Warren, Dixons’ Dean Kramer, John Lewis’ William Jones and plenty more.

PCR is delighted to welcome Miles to the panel, who is the latest to join the board after Pudsey Computers’ Steven Lightfoot Jnr signed up last month.

Miles will share his views on G-Sync and FreeSync monitors in the upcoming January issue of PCR.

There are now more than 20 members on the advisory board. 

If you’re a tech buyer or retail exec and are interested in joining, please email

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